For most residents of New Jersey, money has been tight lately, but one town is comfortable financially. It's the richest zip code in New Jersey for 2024.

We all know that there are pockets of the Garden State where the richest people in the state live, work, and play.

New Jersey's Richest Zip Code

When we think about rich zip codes in New Jersey, most of us think of places like Rumson or Short Hills, but neither of those is New Jersey's richest zip code for 2024.

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The richest zip code in the Garden State for 2024 belongs to the small town of Essex Fells in Essex County.

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In 2024 the richest zip code in New Jersey is 07021, according to AS. The median income in Essex Fells is a cool quarter of a million dollars.

Median Income In Essex Hills, New Jersey

The article lists the richest zip code in every state of America. There are many zip codes on the list with a median income of $250,000, but none higher.

So, technically, according to the article, Essex Fells is the richest zip in America. Congratulations to its 2000 or so residents.

For comparison, we did a little research on the median annual wage of all New Jersey residents, and the number may surprise you.

The Median Annual Wage For American Workers

The median annual wage in New Jersey, according to CNBC is just under $55,000, This data is from 2023.

For most of us, the best way to achieve Essex Fells level is a quick visit to a local convenience store to grab a Mega Millions ticket.

At the time of publishing, the Mega Millions jackpot is at $181 million. Good luck!

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