We've been lucky this winter (knock on wood) with the lack of snow thus far. This weekend though, brought enough slow and sloppy mess to make trouble on the roads...especially for the lazy folks who don't clean off their cars!

Just a heads up, this isn't an issue of common courtesy. It's mostly a safety thing, but beyond all that, it's a New Jersey State Law to 'make all reasonable efforts' to clear snow and ice from your car.

Why you ask? What harm is that soft, powdery, angel dust doing? It's ruining visibility for everyone behind you, for one. Secondly, 'soft snow' quickly becomes a bullet when you're going 65+ mph down the Parkway. That little bit of snow/ice wedged into your roof rack quickly becomes a grenade to dodge.

Yes, it's a pain to clear off the snow from the roof, the lights, your BLIND SPOT WINDOWS...but it's more of a pain to explain to the police why you were too lazy to keep your car from shattering someone else's windshield or worse.

Did you encounter any lazy snow clearers this weekend?

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