Bring on the extended sunlight.

We finally made it out of the darkness, you've probably noticed it's staying lighter for way longer here in New Jersey, which is a very welcoming observation.

In the fall when it turns dark at 4:30 pm it's miserable, but now that the sun is sticking around for an extended period of the day it's like a heavy weight lifted off all our shoulders.

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It's also getting lighter earlier in the morning.

For many, it's like our entire mood has turned around.

You want it to stay like this forever, but sadly that's not possible so we have to take advantage of all this sunshine while it lasts.

So how late is the sun setting in New Jersey?

Well, on May 8th the sun will be setting at 8 pm.

According to the Burlington County Times, the latest sunset will be at the end of June.

June 26th or 27th the sun will set around 8:31 pm, before slowly going back down to 8 pm around August 10th.

That's a lot of sunshine!

The sun rises around 5:28 am to 5:48 am so we should be seeing around 14 hours of daylight. Love, love, love it!

A sunset is one of the most beautiful sights to see.

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Check out these gorgeous sunset pictures taken in New Jersey.

Just absolutely stunning.

Where's the best location to see the sunset in New Jersey?

Let us know in the comments below.

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