If you drive on New Jersey's roads at all, you probably see tailgating daily, so the tailgating data one source has revealed may surprise you.

The New Jersey driving experience is certainly a unique one. We see things around us on our roads that boggle our minds and make us all grip our steering wheels just a little tighter.

Is New Jersey The Tailgating Capital Of The Country?

And one of the most cringeworthy things we all experience on the roads is a very dangerous, very aggressive form of tailgating.

But, according to a recent report at Insurify, the tailgating situation here in the Garden State may not be as bad as we think.

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This story is not about a top 10 list that New Jersey made. It's actually about a top 10 list we didn't make.

New Jersey Tailgating Statistics

According to this report, New Jersey is not among the ten worst tailgating states in America, which may shock you, but it could have something to do with the way the top 10 was chosen.

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The rankings were not based on how often we tailgate. Rather, it was based on how many tailgating incidents resulted in a violation.

So, the fact that we didn't make the top 10 tailgating states list doesn't necessarily mean we don't tailgate a lot, it just means we don't get caught a lot.

Which State Tailgates The Most?

The state with the most tailgating infractions, according to this report, is Idaho, with 33 out of 10,000 drivers receiving a tailgating violation.

Experts say to simply get out of the way of the tailgating car as soon as you safely can to avoid accidents and injuries on our roads.

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