There is tipping fatigue happening in New Jersey.  It is spawning a trend to say no to the tip, so we have to wonder, are you being asked to tip too often?

Many of you are saying absolutely and it is getting out of hand.  Most of us are dealing with financial restraints, not just servers.  It can feel like you can't do anything anymore without someone asking for more money. 

Do We Tip Enough In New Jersey?

Are you a good tipper generally? What you decide to leave can make or break the entire night for a server because the paycheck of a server won't get it done alone.

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CNBC looked into the concept of tipping and how people feel about it.  There is absolutely tip fatigue happening because money is tight overall. As a result, there is an anti-tipping movement out there.

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Some people think the tip jar at hourly wage jobs is greedy and that it puts unnecessary pressure on the consumer because the person serving you that coffee or bubble tea is standing right in front of you waiting to see if you selected a 15, 20, or 25% tip or declined to tip altogether.  No pressure there.

Do We Get Asked To Tip Too Much In New Jersey?

Many consumers in New Jersey feel like having tip jars everywhere, waters down overall tipping generosity.  It nickels and dimes every patron at every turn.

Here's what I think. A lot of people work hard, and it doesn't hurt to show some generosity. If you think a worker has gone above and beyond, and you can afford it, I say show some love.

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