TRENTON – From beaches to historic sites, New Jersey is full of tourism destinations – and now the state wants people to also see electric vehicle chargers when they get there.

The Board of Public Utilities has approved a $4 million program for providing grants to support the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the state.

UPDATE: Applications for the funding were made available at the end of September. The deadline to apply is Dec. 6.

Kelly Mooij, director of the Division of Clean Energy, said the money comes from $14 million in the state budget going toward electric vehicle infrastructure.

“This program would help to reduce range anxiety and help us to reach some of the goals in the electric vehicle act, as well, ensuring that we get more chargers out there for people to be able to utilize them,” Mooij said.

An electric-vehicle law enacted in January 2020 includes a goal of having at least 20% of franchised hotels equipped with charging equipment available for routine use by guests by the end of 2025.

“It’s really just one example of the many programs that we are doing and that we’re working in partnership with our other state agencies in order to increase the amount of EVs that we have on the road,” Mooij said.

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The program will encourage public charging locations in destinations including boardwalks, downtowns, historic sites, state parks, parking lots by museums and more.

“This really warms my heart because I love historic preservation,” said BPU Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden. “But it’s a great symbiotic relationship that perhaps will bring new people to explore our great tourism sites.”

Michael Symons is State House bureau chief for New Jersey 101.5. Contact him at

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