NJ Transit just gave the world a first look at a new invention that may solve a lot of commuter problems.

What are your thoughts on self-driving shuttles?

They will travel at 15 mph, can carry up to 15 passengers and run solely on electricity. And believe it or not, these shuttles are already being used elsewhere in the United States!

Okay, not too bad so far...I like what I am hearing....

My first thought is that these self-driving shuttles could be the solution to delays and cancellations that have been happening for those who rely on public transit.

The only thing is that NJ Transit revealed that tests must be conducted before these shuttles are launched within the Garden State.

The next step is to do conduct a test drive on a closed-course at Fort Monmouth. If all goes well, Fort Monmouth will be the first location to get these self-driving shuttles.

The second step would be to get permits so these shuttles can drive on public roads and carry passengers.

We are still very early in the game but I do have a few concerns.

The first is that self-driving shuttles have the potential of taking away the jobs of those who operate trains, taxis and other forms of public transportation. We need more jobs. Not less.

The second is that as much as technology has drastically improved within the last decade alone, it is far from perfect. If glitches happen while these shuttles are in route, people can get seriously hurt.

Yes, you could argue the same about people but having the ability to react when something unexpected happens on the road is something that a machine can't be taught....or could it....

So tell me: Are you on board?

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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