When it comes to traveling, New Jersey residents are some of the least naughty people in America.

Let's start by explaining what naughty travel is. It may not be what you think. This is not a story bout the mile-high club.

Are New Jersey Travelers On The Naughty List?

Here are some of the things naughty travelers do, according to Solitaire Bliss. Naughty travelers recline seats without asking, and they leave garbage in the pockets of the seats, but that's not all.

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Naughty travelers also stand in the aisle when they're not supposed to. They also ignore the "fasten seat belt" sign.

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These are just some of the things naughty travelers do, but the good news is that New Jersey travelers have made the "nice" list when it comes to traveling, according to this report.

New Jersey's Rank For Travel Naughtiness

New Jersey ranks as the 12th least naughty traveling state in America. That is not exactly a world championship but for a state with a reputation for rudeness, that's not too bad.

Our Naughty Travel Habits Score was 70.00, which doesn't mean much until you know the most naughty travelers in America, those rebels from Iowa, clocked in with a 94.29.

The nice folks from Arkansas and Alabama were the least naughty travelers in America, but let's be honest. They don't deal with the things we do in New Jersey when it comes to traveling.

There is more traffic getting to the airport in New Jersey. There is more traffic at the airport in New Jersey, and there are more flight delays in the Garden State, so it would make sense that by the time we get through all that, we're a little more apt to bend a few rules.

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