We all have our favorite roads and least favorite roads during our years of New Jersey travels. But is there a road in the Garden State that is the best "worst" road in our state?

There are so many roads that would fit the description of the worst, but which one is the best of those?

Can You Guess Which County The Road Is In?

There is a road in Ocean County that has long been considered a very difficult road to negotiate.

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We have decided to make a controversial choice on this one and choose that very road. People are passionate about their dislike of Brick Blvd. in Ocean County.

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But we are going to pump the breaks on that notion for just a minute. Let’s sing the praises of this much-maligned road.

Maybe It's Time To Find The Good Things About This Road

When we think of all the amazing places that we love that Brick Blvd brings us to, we should give this road a break.

We’re just going to remind you of a few. There are wonderful like Brick Plaza, and so many of the stores there mean so much to us.

And let’s be honest, the driving on this road is not any worse than any other busy road in New Jersey.

This Road Has Some Of The Worst Intersections

But some intersections of Brick Blvd. just madden us. But, let’s all breathe deeply and slowly in that order and just drive.

One thing is absolutely for sure. If we can love Brick Blvd., then we can love any road in the Garden State. Let’s give it a try.

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