has been creeping on our Christmas related Google searches.

The website went state-by-state and found the most popular 'Christmas related' searches. They gathered a list of popular Christmas-related internet searches and used Google Trends to match those searches with the states googling them on December 25, 2017. Some states are funny, others are head-scratchers. First, let's look at what Jersey is Googling the most this holiday season.

"Planet Fitness hours"

Guess we've been indulging in those Christmas cookies, huh? This was more interesting than strange. And some other States have us beat in the weird category.

For example:

Ohio—”Where to buy coal” Naughty.

Rhode Island—”Tinder” Really naughty!

Texas—”Is the Grinch real?” Oh, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Alaska—"What is Christmas?" Really, Alaska?

Colorado—"Liquor stores open near me" Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

No surprise, the most popular Christmas Google search was ""

Check out the entire US of A:

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