Enjoy your adult beverages while you can, friends. Get your summer fun in now, because pretty soon, you'll be sober 100% of the time on all the beaches in the Wildwoods.

Alcohol bans aren't a new thing here at the South Jersey beaches nor at the beaches up north. Most of them already don't allow you to consume adult beverages while only a select few do. The thing of it is, though, that Wildwood was one of the last beaches that allowed containers of alcohol in South Jersey.

Up until this year, you could technically be in possession of alcohol in the Wildwoods while on the beaches and boardwalk as long as it was in a to-go container and it remained sealed. Now, though, lawmakers have ensured that alcohol on Wildwood's beaches will soon be a thing of the past. It all went down on Wednesday night at a commissioners meeting. They also declared that underage drinking will now be considered a violation of the peace.

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While you're technically not supposed to be drinking on the beaches in Wildwood anyway, now there's no argument that can be had between beach-goers and police regarding whether or not a container is opened or closed on the beach. It's not supposed to be there anyway, so a violation is a violation at that point.

The new law banning alcohol from the beaches and boardwalk doesn't actually take effect for another 20 days, so you shouldn't get in trouble over Memorial Day Weekend. Come 4th of July, though, you better not be caught with anything or you could be facing some pretty hefty fines.

Read more about the new alcohol ban in the Wildwoods HERE.

Source: PhillyVoice.com

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