It feels like we continue to say the same thing over and over again and people just aren't listening.

Well Ocean County Sherif Michael G. Mastronardy said he is fed up with people violating these orders and to be honest, I don't blame him.

He decided to make a sign that he also instructed his staff to post across the county -- including in front of beaches warning violators that they can be fined or arrested if they don't comply -- so that hopefully, people will FINALLY start to listen.

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A lot of the points made on this poster are common excuses I have heard from friends and family on why they think it is okay to run to the store really quick or to stop by a friend's house. And no, you being stir crazy is not a valid excuse.

And may I also point out the "Do pictures work," "Do colors help?" and my personal favorite, "What will it take for you to understand?"

Not only are they trying to use ANY form of communication to get the message out but they are also saying that anyone who isn't listening is acting recklessly and selfishly....all of which are true because HELLO!!??!?

This is difficult for everyone and just about anyone you know is probably going stir crazy by now.

But the longer you go and see your friends, have small get-togethers and basically ignoring the rules instilled by our government, the longer this pandemic will last and getting back to our normal way of life will take months...not weeks.

So share this sign. Post it in your town. And call anyone out who is not listening because their actions will affect you.

Let's stay safe and beat this thing!

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