A daily military tradition at Monmouth County's Naval Weapons Station Earle is not sitting too well with some of it's neighbors.

Facility at Earle Weapons Naval Air Station (Twitter)

It's an issue that came up recently and base officials tell Townsquare Media News, they are working now to make everyone happy and find a peaceful resolution.

Since the summer, the base has been testing their emergency alert system every morning at 8 a.m. by playing the National Anthem. This happens while officials raise the American flag.

Later in the day at sundown, Taps plays while the flag is lowered. Some residents, who live in the area of Middletown near the base, have complained it's too loud.

The system has been down since last week when a radio transmitter failed. Crews are working to fix it.

"They will be testing the sound levels once the speakers are back online," Spokesman Mike Brady said. "The system worked okay through Veterans Day, but stopped working last Thursday."

Officials at Earle have been testing the system with sound meters in the Belford and Leonardo neighborhoods to adjust the volume to an appropriate level.

There have also been residents praising hearing the music each morning, saying it's not that loud and they wish it was louder.

"One woman posted on our Facebook that it's great to hear the sounds of freedom in the morning," Brady said.