Opening the menu at a Jersey Shore diner is a beautiful thing. You can contemplate having a juicy burger or a western omelet all in the same breath.

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At diners, the chocolate milk always tastes better, the chicken fingers are highly underrated, the French fries are one of a kind, the service is fantastic… I can keep going. What I am saying is, what would we do without our favorite Jersey Shore diner?

Everything just tastes better when eating at a diner. Whether it’s before a nice day at the beach or after a blurry night out, diners have solidified a key role at the Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately, in the recent months without indoor dining, our Jersey Shore diners have taken a hit. However, loyal customers and Jersey pride is the reason why most of our diners won’t be going anywhere.

So now it is your opportunity to nominate your favorite diner to be a member of the elite and very prestigious Point Platinum Club.

To nominate a Monmouth or Ocean county diner, fill out the form below.

Nominate the Best Diner at the Jersey Shore to be a Member of the Point Platinum Club!

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