Your Chance to Dance, a non-profit volunteer organization based in Tinton Falls, hosted a dance lesson and holiday gift giving party Friday for children from Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County at Dance Mixx Studio in Tinton Falls. 

About 20 children ranging from five to ten years old were in attendance from Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County's Red Bank location. The children were taught a seven step hip-hop dance to Justin Bieber's rendition of Little Drummer Boy and then presented gifts by the volunteer, teen dance instructors.

Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County Doug Eagles, said, "We seek opportunities to expand the horizon for our kids. Partnerships, like the one with dance Mixx and Your Chance to Dance, open up new possibilities for the future, and we so appreciate them both."

Photo: Your Chance to Dance

Nicollete Dell'Anno, a 17-year-old high school junior, co-founded the organization with her friend and mother. She told the crowd, "I've been dancing since I'm three years old. Dance is my way of expressing myself. it gives me confidence and strength that will help me in all aspects of life. I look forward to sharing my passion with you."

Dell'Anno's friend, Ashley Mangan, is the other co-founder. Mangan, a sixteen-year-old high school junior said, "I understand how expensive dance classes are for my family, and this is my way of giving back. my mom, a daughter of immigrants, was not fortunate enough to take dance classes as a kid. Her story has made me realize how grateful I am to have access to dance classes."

Photo: Your Chance to Dance

The idea for Your Chance to Dance came a few years ago during a ballet class when a classmate was not there that evening. The teacher asked if anyone had found her ballet slippers, and told the class the girl could not return to classes until the slippers were found. Her family could not afford to buy new ballet slippers.

Your Chance to Dance introduces the fundamentals of dance genres to girls and boys ages 5 -16 years old. Volunteers give free instruction in ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. Anyone who lives in New Jersey can register online. Classes are available at Dance Mixx Studio or at requested locations.

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