It's never been easy to scroll through all of your socials without seeing something that annoys you. Now, thanks to the political landscape, it's nearly impossible.

One takeaway from last night's Super Bowl halftime show is that not everything has to be political! 

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Leading up to the big game there was lots of speculation as to what "political statement" Lady Gaga was going to make. Gaga had said earlier in the week that she wasn't planning on doing anything outrageous or controversial. Still, many were taking bets as to whether she was going to stay true to her word right up to the beginning of the show.

The majority of viewers thought Lady Gaga crushed it in Houston. From her "jumping" from the top of the stadium to her flawless performance, it was halftime that will go down as one of the best. I thought to myself, good show, no politics, everyone should be happy. I was wrong. What I saw today was displeasure but from an unexpected side.

Chris Jordan of the Asbury Park Press wrote an article titled "Lady Gaga's Not So Super Bowl Moment."

Jordan said Gaga "missed a chance to deliver a statement, and to progress as an artist." He added:

The build up was the question of Gaga making a statement of solidarity with the millions of Americans who have marched and protested against what they feel is President Donald Trump’s history of racist, sexist and elitist behavior. Gaga herself protested outside of Trump Tower in New York City following the election.

Mother Monster is not one to keep her opinions to herself, especially when it comes to equal rights for all and her dislike of President Trump.

To Chris Jordan I say, why does everything have to be political? Why did you have to take a perfectly fun event and tarnish it with politics. News flash, you're commentary isn't helpful to the left or the right. It is, however, irresponsibly divisive. Divisiveness is something this Country doesn't need any more of. I'm shocked you didn't touch on the Puppy Bowl. Beebop the terrier looks like he's rigged an election or two.

Maybe Lady Gaga decided that her performance at the Super Bowl wasn't the place to make a political statement? If that is indeed the reason, Gaga deserves props.

Why? I don't think that I'm in the minority when I say that I am sick and tired of every event, company, statement, or even look being politicized. We all deserve to have traditions, such as the Super Bowl, just be about football, food, friends and commercials.

I'm over the agendas and the conspiracies. The end of Super Bowl 51 was remarkable. However, some felt it necessary to compare New England's come from behind victory to Donald Trump winning the Presidency. Enough!

I'm far from a Trump supporter and couldn't care less that the owner of The New England Patriots, their coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are Trump supporters.

If you aren't happy that Donald Trump is our President, I feel you. But give the politics a rest. That goes for both sides! Trump supporters, your guy is the leader of the free world. He got the job.

To start the ball rolling on a less political landscape, I leave you with this.

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