Wouldn't it at least be a nice thing if the pandemic made us even nicer here at the Jersey Shore? We hit the streets to find out if you thought that was true. And did we get an earful.

It turns out that most of you are not on board with the thought that we have turned into a nicer bunch. More of you think that we have landed right where we were before the pandemic.

But most of you think we are in a less patient, less nice and less social place since the pandemic. We're more stressed, more tense and more than any other word we heard, we are more impatient.

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And that is a pretty unsettling thing, since we all know that we didn't have a lot in the way of patience in the first place. Less than what we had pre-pandemic is actually a little frightening.

Here were the results on how you feel about our post pandemic mood so far..



Less Nice...53%

I wanted to give us a bit of a break to find out if this downward trend in our patience and general niceness is a normal by product of all we've been through, so I reached out toHackensack Meridian Health to find out.

They shared a great article from Dr. Aakash Shah. He said we all have some adjustments ahead to get back to normal and here's what he said you should know...

"If pandemic fatigue or re-entering society makes you feel sad or hopeless, or if you notice that you’ve lost interest in activities that you normally enjoy, or that your eating or sleeping habits have changed, reach out to a doctor or therapist for help."

So, it looks like our instincts are right about each other and ourselves for now, but the good news is that as things settle down, we'll start regaining that Jersey Shore patience and charm we are all so famous for.

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