Living in Monmouth or Ocean County, we tend to focus on driving forward, so we don't have a lot in the way of roadside attractions.

To us, a roadside attraction is a disabled vehicle or a tourist securing his bike to the top of roof of his car, so if we want to see the weirdest roadside attraction, we have to hop in our car, pass those disabled vehicles and head to Egg Harbor Township.

That's about an hour trip, so what is there to see along the roadside that is worth that trip? Well, according to Cheapism, our weirdest roadside attraction is an ice cream eating raisin. An ice cream eating what now?

Have you heard about the ice cream eating raisin? it turns out it lives at Little's Dairy Bar In Egg Harbor an it is pretty adorable, if a 20 ft. tall raisin holding an ice cream cone is your idea of adorable.

This giant, ice cream loving fruit wasn't always at Little's. Its first job was at a miniature golf course, but when the golf course shut down over 20 years ago, the raisin found its new home.

Little's has been around a long time, too. It all started in 1973, and has been under the same management since 1999. You can get more details on their Facebook page.

It'd a fun idea for a day trip, so if you're getting bored with just disabled vehicles on the side of our roads, this might be the perfect, and very delicious distraction.

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