Last weekend, Diane and I went to choose the tree we'd decorate in the front yard this year. We picked a beauty, brought it home and I set it in place. Monday, I picked up the lights and some outside decorations and got to work. The lights worked on the first try, the decorations were perfect and I was done in 45 minutes. Perfect!  But that tree wasn't done with me.

My wife called me yesterday morning to tell me the wind had knocked down the tree. I got home and got back to work. The tree had tripled in weight from the rain, the lights were a mangled mess and the decorations were all over the yard. Two hours, one broken light and 16 naughty words later that tree was back up, and despite several superficial wounds, I has conquered the tree. But deep down, I know that tree was giggling at me the whole time.  The has some smart tips for avoiding stress this holiday season.

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