The winter of 2014 is shaping up to be a memorable one with lots of snow. But what about the strain on resources? 

Route 37 in Toms River during Sunday's snow
Route 37 in Toms River (Dianne DeOliveira, Townsquare Media NJ)

Ocean and Monmouth County officials tell us they remain pro-active and have the situation well in hand.

With at least four major storms so far this season, both counties have used tons of salt, sand, trucks and manpower.  Ocean County Road Supervisor Tom Curcio says in addition to their regular budget, they have a hefty trust account in case ol' man winter gets out of hand.

Curcio tells us "there's no way to truly predict how bad the season is going to be.  Each year, we get prepared the same way. The Ocean County Freeholders have been very good at keeping the resources going especially when we need more supplies.  There is money and we've never run out of salt. If the reserves get low, we can replenish them."

In Monmouth County, Public Works Director John Tobia tells us "we have a similar setup like Ocean County. There is always money for the storms.  We take a look at previous winters and constantly monitor all channels when it comes to a pending storm.  Our pre-treatments with the brine mixture have also helped cut costs this season."

To date, both counties have spent close to a million dollars on removal.  There is no exact figure on what the county has in the budget or the trust accounts but both tell us regardless of what happens, they will always be clearing the roads so you can get around during the most extreme conditions.

Both men agree they've had enough of this season and hope the next eight weeks are warmer, dry and uneventful.

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