Summer weather is here and we're not the only ones trying to keep cool in the heat!

You'll swoon over this video of a baby deer that's been popping in for daily dips in the pool in Monmouth County. reports the fawn has been showing up in one family's backyard everyday since June 14th, squeezing in through a small opening in their fence.

In that report, Brittney Benincasa said she called Animal Control when she first spotted the deer, because she was afraid it would fall in.

While waiting for them to arrive, the deer stepped into the pool and starting doing laps. Eventually Animal Control led the deer out of the yard...but that wasn't enough for our little Bambi, because the deer keeps coming back to the pool every day!

And if you're worried about the deer being exposed to pool chemicals, fear not. It's a saltwater pool!

Say it with me now: "Awwwwww!!!"

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