So, are we going to have some good luck at the Jersey Shore this summer when it comes to mosquitoes and other bugs? Only if our luck changes. right?

So just how bad will our summer be when it comes to mosquitoes and all the rest of the bugs we dread? It turns out the news is not good. If you can forget the cicadas for a second let's focus on the other nasty insects.

Here's what the experts are saying. Arrow Pest Control has made some less than welcoming predictions about our summer ahead. And let's start with those pesky mosquitoes.

It turns out that our mosquito situation will "explode" in May. Great. That is the exact opposite of what we wanted to hear. And it doesn't look like any part of the summer will bring relief.

The experts say mosquitoes will ramp up in the Garden State in June and not relent through the rest of the summer. That's just terrific. And says the northeast in generally could see three or four different types of mosquitoes. We love variety.

And the news for ticks isn't much better. The ticks in New Jersey will be in full force, especially this month and May and June.

And then there are the cicadas. Millions of cicadas. Add that to the millions of mosquitoes and the ticks, and we have a recipe for a very buggy summer. Of course we do. Nothing has been easy for us in the past year or so.

But this summer is important to us in so many ways. So Mother Nature, throw what you will at us. We're going to make this summer a great one. No matter what.

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