So many of us here in New Jersey love the history of this great state, and there is no doubt that our history is a rich one.

Some of the things we love to discover here in the Garden State are the old things, and more specifically, the oldest things; some of them are around us, and we don't even know it.

The Oldest School In New Jersey

There are old churches and old restaurants in New Jersey that have our minds traveling back in time and imagining what the very building we're standing in must have looked like hundreds of years ago, and if the walls could talk, what their stories would sound like.

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There is a romanticism to the New Jersey of centuries past, and that's why we love to look back so often. In this case, we will travel back to the oldest high school in the Garden State.

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Family Minded did the research, and we all are wondering how far back New Jersey's oldest high school dates.

New Jersey's Oldest School Is One Of The Oldest In America

Our oldest high school, which, by the way, is the 17th oldest school in the entire nation, opened its doors over 200 years ago. It's been around since 1814.

And here's another really interesting fact about this historic school. It was the first public school in the nation to observe Earth Day.

The oldest high school in New Jersey and the 17th oldest school in America is Columbia High School in Maplewood.

According to the high school website, the start of construction on this incredible building began in 1787, two years before the start of George Washington's term as the United States President.

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