Something that is always a popular topic is food. We love talking about food and often we discuss where to visit here in New Jersey for a delicious meal. If you can sprinkle in a bit of history, well then you have a very intriguing story.


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This article is focusing on one of the oldest "family-owned" restaurants in New Jersey. It's located in Morris County in Mendham Township. According to Only In Your State, Sammy's Ye Old Cider Mill dates back to 1933, but it began as a "speakeasy" in the 1920s making it around 100 years old.

"This steakhouse and bar was first established by Samuel Fornaro. Now, it's owned and operated by his grandchildren - Sam, Philip, and Mary Ann Fornaro. Sammy's is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in New Jersey, and it's become a huge part of the Mendham area dining scene." ~ Only In Your State 





I think that's what makes this a unique story, it's all about "tradition" and "family-owned". Serving Monmouth County for a hundred years and owned by the Fornaro family it's been a part of Mendham Township and hopefully will for years to come.

According to Only In Your State "Everything here is cooked to order, and there is a variety of gourmet dishes on the menu, ranging from steak, to pasta, and even delicious seafood."



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So let's ask you, have you ever visited Sammy's Ye Old Cider Mill? If you have let us know your review. I think I will have to put this on my list of places to go and visit here in the Garden State this fall. Maybe one of their famous steaks will be in order for me.


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