Dear Creator of the jughandles in New Jersey,

I will start by asking one quick simple question and that is, WHY? What made anyone think that a jughandle was a great idea? Don't you think that it causes a little more traffic and maybe can cause a few accidents?

I really don't understand the purpose of having to go around a big circle just to make a left turn. Let's say there is an intersection going North and South and the other one going East and West. Isn’t easier to just turn left from the LEFT lane? I am very intrigued in knowing what is the purpose of wasting a driver's time in having to take a jughandle.

I've heard from drivers that jughandles make them so mad because there are a lot of times when the navigation on their phone or car doesn't know that there are jughandles and tells them to make an "illegal" left turn. That just shows that jughandles should not be a thing.

If you are interested in knowing when the terrible idea of the jughandle was created, well, according to Wikipedia (can't always trust Wikipedia) the very first jughandles was made on June 14, 1959. It was always stated that 11 years later the Garden State already had 160 jughandles. stated that New Jersey jughandles "eliminate the dangerous left turn across lanes of oncoming traffic, reducing the number of accidents." I find that hard to believe because in some cases like Route 1 & Franklin Corner Rd/Baker Basin Rd you still have to turn left after going around the jughandle and avoid oncoming traffic to be able to "turn left" and continue en route to your destination.

To everyone that complains about the jughandles, I hate to break your heart and let you know that they are more than likely never going to go away. I guess the state of New Jersey makes up for it by not having to pump our own gas.

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