You'll have to wait a little longer to go slip slidin' at Atlantic City's new waterpark.

Island Waterpark, located at Showboat Hotel, was slated to open to the public Friday, June 30th.

However, the newly-built indoor attraction experienced a setback before it could officially welcome visitors.

Reportedly, there were permit issues that didn't get ironed out in time.

But Showboat owner and Tower Investments CEO Bart Blatstein put a positive spin on the delay in an eloquent statement where he said, 'You only have one chance to make a first impression. I've decided to open ISLAND Waterpark on July 7. This is the world’s largest indoor beachfront waterpark and a destination that will last many decades so I want to ensure everything is perfect.'

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Let's all send good energy to Bart and the team at Island Waterpark so that they can move forward with its rescheduled opening this Friday and have a great first summer at the Jersey Shore. Once up and running, guests of all ages will get to experience an indoor paradise that's expected to stay open all year round.

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