A chilling tale that happened to me almost fifty years ago.

When I was eight years old, my ten-year-old cousin got an Ouija board for Christmas. At the time, I thought the game looked boring. The colors on the box and on the game board were blah and nothing about it made me want to play it. But, in one of my childhood memories, the Ouija Board was anything but boring. It scared me to death.

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The first time we got the board out of the box, my cousin was all in and even dressed up as a fortune teller. I, being the younger, more naive cousin, played the unknowing, innocent customer wanting to get her fortune read through the Ouija board.

Once we got tired of playing THAT scenario, my cousin wanted to play seance. At eight years old, I had no idea what the word seance meant. She told me we were going to try and talk to ghosts. I didn't feel like this was a good idea but, I said, ok.

My cousin was very good at pretend and was so convincing playing the part of the medium. She even spoke in an accent and asked if any ghosts wanted to talk. I started to feel very scared and wanted to stop playing this silly game. It seemed like we had gone too far, but the worst was yet to come.

Suddenly she told me that a ghost was in the room and we should ask it some questions. After looking around the room, I saw nothing. I then remembered we were pretending. She asked a question and the ghost would answer yes or no. You know how the game works.

I soon got the feeling that she might be moving the centerpiece herself. So,  I decided to ask the ghost something. I proceeded to ask the ghost to move something in the room to prove they were actually there with us. I would prove there was no ghost in the room. I would prove SHE was moving the centerpiece.

What happened next? Well, a picture fell off of the wall, and we both felt a burst of cold air. As we sat frozen and afraid to move, the Ouija board centerpiece started slowing turning, by itself, in the middle of the board. She wasn't touching it and neither was I.

We ran out of the living room screaming. I think I might have even peed myself a little. My cousin blamed me for not asking the ghost a yes or no question. My aunt met us in the hallway to find out what was wrong and we explained to her what had happened.

We slept on the floor in my aunt's room that night and we never saw the Quija board again. when I passed the living room on the way to the kitchen that morning the board and centerpiece were gone. I was afraid to ask my aunt what happened to it because I was afraid of what the answer might be, But, my cousin was more curious than afraid, so she asked. My aunt turned white and rushed to the living room and found the board WAS gone.

She had no idea where the board had gone and told us to never speak of the board again.

Even now, when I see an Ouija board, it gives me chills. Over the many years, the unexplained happenings of that night have haunted my thoughts. I have no idea what really happened that night, but it really scared me.

As an adult and someone extremely intrigued by the paranormal, I wish we would have asked the ghost more questions. But, I feel like the ghost, if it was a ghost, was trying to protect us from the board and its darkness. You never know what you might bring to life through a game like that. It's probably best we left it alone.

Everything that happened that night has a possible explanation. The picture falling off the wall could have been perfect timing, the chill could have happened because it was a cold winter night. But, the one thing I can't explain is the fact that the game disappeared. Unless my aunt just wanted to give us another good scare, the disappearance of the game is the real mystery.


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