This has not exactly been a good start to this weird football season for our local teams. You know it's a tough start when we're talking about celebrity connections instead of the games.

And why would we talk about the games, anyway? There have been 12 games played by the Giants, Jets and Eagles so far this season, and all those games have resulted in exactly one win (thank you Eagles).

So let's forget about the actual games and let's talk celebrity fans. So, who are the biggest celebrity fans for our local football squads? Here are the celebrities and the teams they love, according to

Celebrity Football Fans

Now, rather than arguing over which team is better (so far it's the Eagles), we can all debate which team has the best celebrity fan. I, of course think it's the Giants, but I'm sure Jets and Eagles fans might have a different outlook on that.

Maybe by the end of this unusual football season, we'll be in the mood to talk about the actual games our local teams are playing, but in the unlikely event that this happens, we always have Adam, Bradley and Katy to talk about.

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