The Sharks just started filming Season 10 of the business-themed reality series, Shark Tank. I have purchased several items from the Shark Tank entrepreneurs including the Scrub Daddy, Simply Fit Board and my personal favorite, the Paint Brush Cover. If you saw my Garage Makeover blog, then you know I depended on my Paint Brush and Roller Covers to finish the 5 day project.

Ever wonder what the entrepreneurs are up to once they leave the tank? I ran into Sal DePaola on the Asbury Park Boardwalk recently. He was on Shark Tank, Season 5 and landed a deal with Lori Greiner with his Paint Brush Cover. I asked him about his current business venture. Are you ready to introduce your current fitness program to the ultimate challenge? DePaola launched Crossfit103, described as high intensity, functional movements for all fitness levels, so no need to feel intimidated. Here’s how it works…I certified coach/trainer will customize each workout for a one hour, small group session. This means you get a lot of personalized attention and no two workouts are the same. You’ll receive instruction on key movements and fitness-based skill development.

Crossfit103 breaks away from the traditional exercise rut. Their fitness philosophy is that routines are psychologically boring and physically limiting. Simply, the body gets used to a routine and as a result stunts growth. So, switch it up! Crossfit103 is branded as “Staten Island’s Premier Crossfit Gym…” Click here to learn more. Here’s a bonus…DePaola plans to expand Crossfit103 to Monmouth County! I’ll keep you posted on specific Jersey Shore locations.

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