Exciting news! A new bagel shop is opening in New Jersey.

We love our bagels here in this state. Plain, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, poppyseed, everything, onion, garlic, sesame, egg, multigrain. What's your favorite?

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My husband always talks about how when he was a kid his mom would drive an hour every weekend to get bagels for the week from her favorite bagel shop where she grew up.

You don't have to drive that far anymore because New Jersey has so many great bagel shops. When people move out of state that's usually the food they miss the most.

We'll get to the best bagel shops at the Jersey Shore (and there are a lot) in just a minute, but first a new bagel shop is coming to Haddonfield.

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The Courier Post says, "The shop, which will reportedly bake on-site, also is expected to sell coffee, smoked fish, and other items."

Penny’s Bagels is Opening in Haddonfield

The owners have several restaurants and bars in Philadelphia and are now opening a bagel shop.

Penny's Bagels will be located at 212 Kings Highway East.

Haddonfield is getting a bunch of new places to eat. I just wrote about Cacia's Bakery opening on July 4th weekend and there's a new pizza place too.

You have to wait until spring 2024. That's when the shop is expected to open.

Now take a look at all the wonderful bagel shops in Monmouth and Ocean Counties!

Which one is your favorite?

30 Best Bagel Spots in Ocean & Monmouth Counties

More of the Best Bagels in South Jersey

Here's one for those who can't get enough of hot, delicious, fresh-baked bagels. We're truly fortunate to live in an area that has some of the best bagel places around.

Gallery Credit: Gary Guida

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