A new trend has taken over TikTok in a surprising way.

People are using a song about the princes of hell to show off the different moods of their hilarious pets, going viral in the process.

The song featured in the viral trend is Minniva's cover of "Year Zero," originally released by Swedish rock band Ghost.

It begins by listing off the names that many people associate with Satan, or the names of the princes of hell.

It's an eerie tune that Genius refers to as "'70s anthem rock" and "black metal." The song features a choir chanting and is a theatrical telling of how Satan came to be, from his birth to rise.

Ghost's "Year Zero" was critically acclaimed upon its release in 2013 and even named one of the "Best Metal Videos" by Loudwire.

Meanwhile, the Minniva cover that was posted in 2017 and has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube is now experiencing a revival due to TikTok.

For each name in the song, the user shows a different photo of their pet to showcase the animal's variety of personalities and expressions.

The photos range from the pets — from adorable dogs to hilariously meme-worthy cats — looking serene to wild.

Others use videos and pause them on the funniest parts, capturing their pets at their silliest or grumpiest at the same time each name is chanted in the song.

"I am properly convinced Sookie is part demon," one cat owner wrote in the caption of their take on the trend.

Watch some videos from the entertaining trend, below:

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