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Are you even surprised I would put this type of guide together? lol.

I absolutely love shopping for my dog, Carolina. She gets so excited for new toys and bones so you know I am going buck wild this Christmas.

But I didn't want to just give her yet another ball or dog bone, I wanted to try and think outside the box this year.

So hopefully you get some use out of these ideas! Happy shopping!

Ropes For Aggressive Chewers

Dog Toy 1

I don't know about you, but my dog would chew through walls if I let her. So here are some toys that are perfect for those chewers! This is the perfect example that shows if you buy in bulk, you will usually get a pretty sweet deal.

Ice Cream For Dogs

Dog Toy 2

My jaw is still on the ground. This is such a cool treat that you are ALLOWED to give your dog. But remember, tell your pup that they won't get any ice cream unless they finish their dinner first.

TOOGE Pet Camera

dog toy 3

This gift may be more for the dog mom or dad but it is super useful. Owners can keep an eye on their pet while they are not home and there is even 2-way audio so you can talk to your pet while you are not in the house.

Dog Mom Hat

Dog Toy 4

Every dog mom that I know would rock this hat with pride. If you are as obsessed with your dog as I am, you usually want everyone around you to know who comes first in your life.

Best Friends Key Chain Package

Dog Toy 5

OH MY GOD!!! How much do you love this? Think of it as a friendship bracelet for your dog mom or dad and their pup. I would totally wear this 24/7. Just throwing that out there.

Dog-Themed Shirt

Dog Toy 6

There are tons of these out there so I am sure you can find the perfect one for each dog owner on your Christmas list. The "I'm Only Talking To My Dog Today" shirt is actually pretty accurate and I bet it would work for just about anyone who owns a dog. People drool. Dogs rule.

P.S. There is also a matching "I'm Only Talking To My Human Today," shirt for the pup. How perfect.

Interactive Dog Puzzle

Dog Toy 7

Dogs love stuffed animals that squeak (or most do, at least) and this is the perfect toy puzzle to mentally tire out anyone's pup. Mental stimulation is key for a happy dog and this dog toy can do just that while also being incredibly adorable.

Dog Activity Blanket

Dog Toy 8

This is another version of an interactive dog puzzle, but on a blanket! Your pup will have to make it through the fluffy waves and pass the cozy obstacle courses to get their treat! I love doing things like this with my dog. It is a great bonding activity that will help to smarten up your pup.

Dog Bone

Dog Toy 9

Well, duh! What is a dog without a cool new bone? In my family, here is what we say: "The bigger the bone, the happier the pup."

I love shopping for my dog's presents just as much as I love giving them to her. I know, I am a doggy dork. But hopefully these presents gave you some solid ideas for this holiday season.

And let me be the first to say: "Bark, bark, bark, BARK!"

Translation: "Happy holidays to all in SOUTH JERSEY!!!!"

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