Hey New Jersey - according to a survey, we're really generous gift-givers.

Have you put a dent in your holiday shopping yet? By the looks of this survey from the Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey has been working on its holiday shopping and then some, because we're ranked 5th in the nation for Top Holiday Spending.

Say what? I believe it. Listen, New Jersey can be known for its extravagance at times.

So, how much is New Jersey spending for the 2021 Holiday Season?

The Chamber of Commerce findings show that our holiday shopping budget for 2021 is $2051.17, which is a huge jump from their last data findings from 2019 when our shopping budget was $1262.52. Wow!

Which states are spending the most money this Holiday Season?

Maryland ranked at number 1 with a budget of $2714.50, followed by Utah with $2310,17, Hawaii with $2152.08, and Virginia with $2102.92.

What are we buying with that kind of money?

It's important to note that the data collected in this survey isn't all about gift spending money - some of it counts towards food and decor too. And after that, it really doesn't shock me that New Jersey ranked so high, because nobody does Christmas dinner (or Christmas Eve dinner) better than we do.

Are you shocked that New Jersey was named in the Top 5 States for Holiday Spending? Will this change the way you spend your money this holiday season?

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