The cold weather is not only rough for us humans, but I definitely think that all of our furry friends are ready for the weather to make the official turn to Spring as well.

But until then, it is important to keep these tips in mind because the freezing cold that we have been enduring can be just as harmful, if not more so, so our pets!

1. Don't Leave Outside Too Long

Our pets may have fur which acts as a "coat" but their hair can only protect them from so much. A great tell sign that it is time to take your pet inside is if their tail or ears are red or if you can see them shivering. PS. Make sure there is no ice in between their toes!

2. Pet Friendly Deicer

Certain toxins and salt that we commonly use can sting our pets' paws and can be even more dangerous because how do they clean their paws? They lick them, so they would be ingesting said deicer. Always think ahead.

3. Keep Track Of Outdoor Pets

There are a lot of pets that are allowed to freely roam but keep in mind that the snow and ice mask the familiar smells that usually help them to navigate throughout familiar territory. If you still plan on taking the risk, make sure they are wearing identification tags or are microchipped.

4. Keep Track Of Their Movement

Dogs with arthritis can't exactly request an aspirin so keep an eye on their movements. If your pet struggles to get up and down or travel on stairs, it may be time to call the vet. For cases like these, warm and comfortable bedding are super helpful.

5. A Coat Is A Wise Investment

Especially for those with short and thinner fur, a coat when the temperatures are excruciatingly cold -- which we have experienced -- become a super useful accessory.

Remember, if we are not enjoying the excruciating weather, then your pet probably isn't either. Take the necessary precautions so everyone is comfortable and ready for Spring!

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