An up and coming popular social media trend for you animal lovers out there has been taking the world by storm one adorable photo at a time.

The trend is simple. Take a picture of your pet just hanging out and then say a word of praise, a very common one being, "You're such a good boy!" Then, immediately take a picture to capture their reaction. I have said this for years and this social media experiment has confirmed my theory: pets are just tiny humans with fur.

First I tried it out with my dog, Atticus, to see what kind of reaction I would get. Between both boys, he is definitely more interactive.

Step One: Hanging Out








Step Two: "Who's my good boy!?"




"What did you say?" --maybe during naptime wasn't the best of timing on my part.



And now for Mustachio who can definitely be interactive, but only when he wants to be.

Step One: Hanging out on a calm Sunday afternoon








Step Two: "You are such a handsome boy!"




"I KNOWWW!!!" --no this is not a yawn. He was actually meowing when this photo was taken.



I think this trend is a hilarious and adorable way to bond with your pets. They are a member of the family after all!

Take a look at a bunch of other peoples' attempts to catch their pets' reaction to praise here. They really will make your day.

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