The odds are the only sharks you'll ever encounter are the ones you see in a movie or on TV on Shark Week, but would you know what to do if you encounter one?

When you learn the things you are supposed to do in the unlikely event of a shark encounter, you might be surprised.

Expert Tips For Shark Encounters

Experts would have you do things that seem unnatural. Here's an example, CNN reports that if you see a shark while you're in the water you should not panic. That sounds like it should be easy.

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There's more. Experts say if you encounter a shark you should always maintain eye contact. Wait. What?

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Of course, these tips make perfect sense. You will make better decisions when you are calm. and you'd want to know exactly where the shark is at all times, but who would have enough composure to do these things?

Surprising Shark Tips

This next tip might be my favorite. If the oncoming shark seems to be in attack mode, experts say you need to get "big" in the water to gain the shark's respect. I guess I'd probably have to stop crying like a toddler as well.

If the oncoming shark seems to be just swimming by, however, you should make yourself very small. Experts say you don't want to seem like a competitor. You go first.

Seriously, there are great tips you should know about in the article, so please check them out.

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