New Jersey doesn't often land in the top 10 in most categories on national studies, but when it comes to this particular mosquito category, we are among the top states.

Here's the good news. This study, reported in World Population Review, is not about the actual number of mosquitoes in each state, and it's not about the state with the most mosquito bites either.

New Jersey Is #1 In This Mosquito Category

The report is about how many different species of mosquitoes call New Jersey home, and if you're not a mosquito fan, this might make you a little uncomfortable.

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Let's start by saying the state with the least number of mosquito species, Kansas, has two. We have more than that. The question is how many more? The answer to that question is a lot and will make your skin crawl.

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How Many Types Of Mosquitoes Call New Jersey Home?

It turns out, according to the report, New Jersey ranks as the 9th highest state in the nation because we have 50 species of mosquito in our state. I feel like smacking my arm just in case one is on there.

But don't feel bad. New Jersey does not come close to having the most types of mosquitoes. At least you don't live in Texas, where you can encounter any one of their 85 species of mosquito. No, thank you.

Terminix tells us the worst place for mosquitoes in America is Los Angeles, California.

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