Splitting a check after a group dinner can sometimes be tricky. One woman on Reddit is still feeling "salty" after a birthday dinner ended up with her paying the entire bill.

She explained that she and three friends went out to dinner to "celebrate one of their birthdays." However, when the check came, the other three ladies vanished.

"After we ate, two of them wanted to take pictures near the view where we ate and the other one had to use the restroom. They all bailed before the check came and I didn't think much of it when it happened," the woman wrote via Reddit.

However, the friends "didn't come back" to settle up the bill.

"I had one of them text me that they ran into other friends while taking pictures and the one in the bathroom left in a rush apparently because of [a] babysitter emergency. I was dumbfounded at the audacity," she continued.

The woman noted she had only budgeted roughly $20 to $30 for herself, sharing she didn't have any alcohol while the other three women were "wasted from a series of drinks."

The bill came out to a whopping $175.

"It was my entire weekly budget. I didn't want to stiff on a tip because I've been there before and it sucks. I texted them the receipt for them to cash app me or something. Only 1 of them did it (babysitter emergency) so I feel that her situation was genuine. The other two got really offended," the woman continued.

When the birthday girl responded, she told the woman she should be "willing to spot her" since it was her birthday. However the woman wasn't planning on spending that much money for dinner.

"I don't go out to eat. This was supposed to be a treat. My first girls night out. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to make my existing groceries last longer because I'm out 100 I didn't expect to be," she shared.

Feeling "petty," the woman eventually texted the birthday girl's mom a copy of the receipt, asking if she'd pay for her daughter's share since she "bailed" on her.

In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the woman, suggesting the woman's friends aren't true friends.

"They dined and dashed on you. How awful and disrespectful. I’m sorry. I’d be pissed!!" one person wrote.

"Don't let them shame you, hold your ground. If they try to call you cheap or anything like that be sure to throw it back in their face because only a trashy person would bail on a check THEN act like this afterwards. Or ask 'my Birthday is coming up, can you give me my $90 present now, thanks?'" another commented.

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