A woman recruited her twin sister to help her shop for and preview wedding gowns. Now, her "genius" hack has other brides looking for their own bridal buddies.

Jenn and Lee Wirth share content under the username @wirth_twins on TikTok. The sisters are known for oversharing what it's like to be twins.

In a recent clip, the sisters revealed a particularly unique perk to having a twin: wedding dress shopping.

The viral video shows one of the twins standing in front of a mirror in a bridal boutique. One sister tries on a stunning floor-length, long-sleeve gown with an open back while the other sister, the soon-to-be bride, watches — essentially getting to see what the gown would look like on her without the hassle of trying it on and taking photos.

"POV you make your twin try on wedding dresses at your appointment so you can see how they look on you from all angles," the twins captioned their clip.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers were amazed by the clever hack.

"Now I'm mad at my mom for not producing me a twin," one person joked.

"This is so smart," another added.

"Now that's freaking genius," someone else wrote.

"I took my twin shopping when I was pregnant, so I could see how things would fit after I had the baby," another hack-sharing twin commented.

Some non-twin brides even shared they are now looking to see what friends they have that might have similar builds to them so they can try the trick for themselves.

"Going through my friend list to find my body double," someone commented.

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