Where do you stand on getting a fourth COVID shot?  Do you look at the vaccine as a blessing or has the idea of needing more and more gotten scary?

The companies that produce our vaccines have a stance on it.  As I would have expected at least one of them is saying we do need more vaccinations. Pfizer told the FDA last week that a 4th dose is good medicine.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, feels a fourth dose is necessary because the third done was not very effective against the infection and does not last very long.

In contrast, Moderna said that they think a fourth dose is not necessary for the masses.

Moderna’s stance is that a fourth dose would be beneficial but they feel it should not be mandated. They do feel that people who are immune-compromised or elderly should consider the extra protection, but again under their discretion.

It is confusing because we are doing so well with COVID (compared to a year ago) but are we are letting our foot off the gas too soon?  I personally don’t want to keep putting extra shots into my body or the bodies of my children, but at the same time, I realize that the reason we’re doing this well in the first place is because of the vaccine.  I’m torn and you may be too but let's give ourselves some grace, it's not like we've been through a pandemic before.

We have one major vaccine distributor saying we need it, we have the other saying we pretty much don't...what do you think?  Celebrities, they are just like us...these are the celebs who were public about getting COVID.

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