Pharrell Williams' new grills looks like they came straight out of the MCU.

The multi-talented singer and designer debuted his new grills via Instagram on June 12. The $100,000 grill looks remarkably similar to the Infinity Stones, which fans noticed immediately.

The lavish mouthpiece was created by celebrity jewelry company Gabby Elan Jewelry, who have also created pieces for A-list stars such as Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, A$AP Rocky and Bella Hadid.

The grills were cast in 22 karat gold and include with "VS+ white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds," according to the jewelry designer. The piece also features a custom rose-cut that was specially commissioned alongside Jacob & Co., who created a matching necklace for Williams.

“There was a lot of trial and error to get this perfect,” jewelry designer Elan Pinhasov-Malaev told Page Six. “I went knocking on about 30 doors trying to find some of these stones.”

He told the outlet that it took two months to source the rare gems and the design process took a total of four months.

“Pharrell is on a level of his own — he’s innovative,” Pinhasov-Malaev added. “He doesn’t like anything that’s been seen before. Whatever comes into his head, that vision, he wants it perfect.”

And yes, the creator admitted that he noticed a striking similarity to the Infinity Stones: “I was looking at all of the gems in a bag and started laughing, like, this is Thanos in a grill!”

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