It was a case of “don’t you know who I am?” that ended in the cutest way possible. Do you know the name Britain Covey?  We didn’t either, until now.  

Britain is new on the active play roster for the Philidelphia Eagles.  So new, that he did not even have the proper upgraded credentials to get him employee parking.  The Eagles were playing the Minnesota Vikings this past Monday when the punt returner showed up at Lincoln Financial Field and tried to get player parking access.  Security did not recognize him so he had to go a half-mile away from the stadium and walk with the fans to the game. 

Britain had a squad pass but not an active player pass and when his fellow teammates said, “just tell them you are now on the active play roster, they’ll let you in” they were speaking from a place of being more famous than the newbie.  It may have worked for them but it did not work for him.  Shot down. 

Britain could not have been nicer about it.  He made the walk and was still on time for work. He said, “I’ve gotta prove myself in Philly before I deserve to be there.”

Some hardcore fans recognized him taking the ‘walk of shame’ and he stopped to take selfies and laugh about it with them.  Fans were able to direct him to the proper player entrance.  This is a perfect example of not taking yourself too seriously and people loving you for it. 

The birds won 24-7 by the way, they are pretty good at beating the Vikings #Superbowl.  

Here’s Britain talking about the experience.

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