This is a pup-tastic national holiday.  If you are looking for a day to celebrate your, not-so purebred doggy, today is the perfect day to do so.


Today is National Mutt Day.  This day gets two days a year, and I feel like this is a new thing for most national holidays (did some retire?) but the first day is July 31st and the second is December 2nd.

By the way, any tips on trying to talk my wife into allowing a pup in our lives, I am all ears.  I'm slowly training my daughter to, every once in a while, plant that seed that she wants a puppy.  Stay close to that progress, but as of now, it is a no-go.

To be honest, I never grew up with a dog.  Oddly enough, my parents adopted a dog when all the kids left home.  I just don't want my kids to miss out on that opportunity, plus, I heard it is a great way to teach responsibility.  I see this as a win-win.

As you are looking for things to do with your pet, this is the best way to celebrate a day like today is to get your dog pampered.  There are so many great locations throughout the Jersey Shore, and throughout Ocean and Monmouth County to get your pup pampered.

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We all need that one day to ourselves to relax and unwind.  Don't you think your four-legged friend needs the same kind of pampering?  Of course, he or she does.

Here are Ten incredible places throughout the Jersey Shore that will pamper your pup.

10 Jersey Shore Places to Pamper Your Pet

These pet-loving businesses all offer a great spin on pampering your pet. Some go above and beyond to add their own special touch.

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