When a school bus pulls off to the side of the road, flashes its lights and a stop sign pops out, most New Jersey drivers obey the law and come to a complete stop, but a small number of motorists ignore the warning, swerve around the bus and continue down the road.

Flickr user: Bsabarnowl

One state lawmaker is pushing a plan to crack down on these individuals.

Assemblyman Dave Wolfe is sponsoring a measure that would allow municipalities and school districts to equip school buses with video monitoring equipment.

"There will be cameras on the bus, and if somebody does not stop when the arm is extended or when the bus stops, they will be subject to a fine," he says. "It's a 5-year pilot program and it's not a money maker, it's really a safety maker. There have been a number of fatalities not only in the state, but nationally from people who don't heed the stop sign with the blinking lights- something needs to be done to protect our kids."

The measure would have video forwarded to law enforcement, and increase the fines for drivers who illegally pass a stopped bus from $100 to between $300 and $500.

"It's a safety measure, a long time coming," he says. "The sponsors of the legislation feel this is something that needs to be looked at very carefully - if it works, saves lives, great."