Yes, it is true that Governor Phil Murphy is working on passing a bill that would ban all plastic and possibly paper bags.

However, until it is officially a law, Jersey Shore towns are left to their own discretion on the plastic bag issue.

Well, it looks like another Jersey Shore town just jumped on the plastic bag ban train.

Asbury Park is the most recent Jersey Shore municipality that will possibly ban plastic bags and charge for paper bags and a City Council vote is scheduled for May 22nd.

There are already 24 towns in New Jersey alone that have passed some form of a plastic bag ban to try and avoid less plastic waste littering the garden state - more than 80% of the garbage picked up on beach cleanups is plastic.

I am all for this change that is environmentally beneficial, but I am just worried about the actual transition itself. Plastic and paper bags are everywhere! So hopefully a plan is set into action so we can help preserve our beaches!

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