I think we found a new home for Wegman's or a Trader Joe's.

It's the Toms River Shopping Center at Kohl's plaza that has been empty for quite a while and this would be the perfect spot for a Wegman's or Trader Joe's, right in Toms River.

The building and business is definitely shaped like a supermarket because that's what it was at one time. I remember that the supermarket was so busy all the time, it was sad when it closed. What type of business would be a good fit for the Toms River Shopping Center?

What is the right fit for this empty supermarket building in the Kohl's Plaza in Toms River?

It's a giant store and there is so much you could do for this location. There's a lot of traffic and it's right off of 37 and the Garden State Parkway entrance is. It's the perfect location for something great for Toms River and surrounding areas.

I think this building would be too big for a restaurant. I think it needs to be something bigger. Could this be the place for a Trader Joe's? Possibly another retail store? What do you think would be perfect in this location. I would love to see what you think would be perfect in this location that would be awesome for the residents of Toms River and Ocean County.

Here's what you would like to see in the Kohl's Plaza in Toms River.

The Top 10 Things You Want to See at the Empty Shopping Center at Kohl's Plaza in Toms River

I'm thinking we are all wanting the same thing here at this location and it's perfect for Trader Joe's or Wegman's. Can't we just have one of those, please in that location? Those are two businesses you always ask for, why not? Thank you for all of your ideas and for telling us what you want.

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