In honor of Veteran's Day, can we please thank this man for his service by helping to extend his dog's life?

Meet Penelope -- a 6-year old Boston Terrier who serves as a therapy dog for her 'dad.'

Photo of Penelope's owner, who served our country, courtesy of Sally Williams. I would like to personally thank him for his service.
Photo of Penelope's owner, who served our country, courtesy of Sally Williams. I would like to personally thank him for his service.

Penelope's owner is a disabled veteran who was honorably discharged after serving our country in Afghanistan as a US Army Specialist Infantryman. Not only that, but this is a family dog as he and his wife have two young children.

Penelope had been diagnosed with mast cell cancer.  The treatment is chemotherapy and it will cost just over $6,000.  The Brodie Project's Phoenix Fund is able to contribute $2,000 towards treatment, but hopes to raise an additional $4,000.

Let's give Penelope and her family the gift of time.

Sally Williams is the director and founder of The Brodie Fund whose own cat recently suffered from this same form of cancer. Sally was able to extend her cat's life with the proper treatment, and hopes to do the same for this family so that they can have more time with Penelope.

Unfortunately, pets don't have the same insurance coverage as humans, so often times as beloved as the pet is, we can't afford the treatments that we would absolutely give to our pets if we could. We love them as part of our family and to see them struggle with cancer and not be able to give them chemo simply because of the cost is the worst form of heartbreak.

November also happens to be Pet Cancer Awareness Month, so I can't think of a better time to donate to The Brodie Fund to help Penelope and other families who have pets with cancer.

The Brodie Fund, based in Monmouth County, is a non-profit organization founded by Sally Williams in honor of, and named after, one of her pets and is designed to help families who own a dog or cat that has been diagnosed with cancer, as a way to help them pay for the treatments it would take to keep their pet alive longer and buy them the gift of time with their loved ones.

And now there is a branch of The Brodie Fund specifically set up to help veterans, called Brodie's Phoenix Fund, with the mission of raising money to offer financial assistance, through grants, to veterans who have pets fighting cancer.

Sally Williams, Founder and Director of The Brodie Fund, says,

"Our veterans give so much to our country and The Brodie Fund is proud to give back through Brodie’s Phoenix Fund."

To donate to Penelope's chemo treatments in honor of her US Army veteran owner, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

To follow The Brodie Fund on Facebook and keep informed about all of the amazing animals this non-profit is helping, click here.

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