Our New Jersey winters are usually snow one year and no snow the next.

Really, really cold one year and the next not quite as frigid. At some point our winters can be very brutal and the wind chills are darn right cold. The roads are slippery and it's not fun to drive in the ice.

ShawnWilkinson, Getty Images
ShawnWilkinson, Getty Images

So many of you love winter and love the snow. I personally do not love the winter. I do like the different seasons, but to be honest I could do without winter. Especially when the temps are so, so cold. I look forward to that first sign of spring.

Did you hear about the winter of 1961. Some of you might still remember it. It was ten years before I was born, but man...it was cold. It was the harshest winter New Jersey had. I only hope the winter of 2023 is nothing like that one.

According to onlyinyourstate.com, the temperatures were freezing for weeks in the winter of 1961. The cold snap of 1961 went down in history.

What happened in the winter of 1961 in New Jersey to go down in history?

In 1961 the temperature was below freezing for 17 days from January 19th to February 3rd. The temperature did not go above freezing, not even during the day that whole time, according to onlyyourstate.com.  That is cold.

So, if it snowed within those two weeks or so, the snow stayed on the ground and the street for days without melting.

Do you remember the cold months of 1961? Do you have family that remember it? I'd love to hear the stories. I do not want another winter like that one again in New Jersey.

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