When a national publication listed the best small towns to visit in America, an amazing New Jersey town made the list.

There are so many great towns in America, and when there is a list that only includes 25, you know it's an elite list.

Which New Jersey Small Town Made The List?

Each state has a town or two they think should make the list, but that is impossible with a list of 25.

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That's why it is even more special that New Jersey is represented on the list, and the town in the spotlight is one of our all-time favorites.

Few towns get as many accolades, titles, and awards as Cape May, and New Jersey residents think the town deserves every one of them.

It's One Of New Jersey's Most Celebrated Towns

In the particular list, from Explored Planet, Cape May finds itself side-by-side with Gatlinburg, Texas, Telluride, Colorado, and other amazing towns nationwide.

And the article included some nice compliments about our favorite Victorian town. They refer to Cape May as the "hidden gem on the Jersey Shore".

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Cape May Lighthouse is also referenced in the article, as is the gorgeous boardwalk and pristine beach.

There Are Other Great Small Towns To Visit In New Jersey

I do think it's only fair to include some of my favorite Garden State small towns in the conversation.

Let's show some love for towns like Ocean Grove, Lambertville, Red Bank, Cranbury, and Chester.

Each of those towns has a unique personality and style, flair, and feel. And each is a great town to visit, so get them all on your bucket list today.

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