You can now send Lou, Liz, Nicole and Matt personal messages through the 94.3 The Point App!

It is super easy.

First: Download the 94.3 The Point app if you haven't already. It is completely free and will also give you the chance to win at our app-exclusive contest "Tap That App."

Second: You are going to click the "Chat" icon. It is going to ask you for your name, town, email and phone number.

app inked

Third: Choose who you want to send your message to. It will automatically select the personality who is currently on the air but you can send it to anyone or just simply send a general message to the station staff as a whole!

app inked 2
app 3

Fourth: Send us the message. It could be about a hot topic going on at the Jersey Shore, a crazy experience that you want to share, a news tip, birth shoutout or ANYTHING in-between.

Can't wait to hear from you.

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